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About Author

Hi, I am a Financial Expert with an experience of 11 years. I started my journey in 2011 at the age of 20. I completed. I did MBA and current scholar of Ph.D as a researcher. Up to 2021, I was limited to a few people only and now I’ve started a blog to help youngsters enhance their skills in the finance sector. I have mentored more than thousands of learners. And as of now, we have a team also to help you out. If you want any help related to finance or have suggestions please reach us through Contact Us page.

Who Are We?

Shymoney is a Financial and Educational website to help everyone’s to enhance their financial literacy rate.

What do we do?

The stock market, cryptocurrencies, NFTs, investment, personal finance, banking, credit/debit card scams, reviews of trading platforms, and how to make money online are just a few of the topics we cover on this site.

We are committed to giving our users accurate, timely, and real-time updates. Additionally, we want our users to learn something from the website so they would be inspired to invest.